Adelphic Certification Program


Adelphic is a leading people-based omnichannel DSP owned by Viant. Powered by one of the largest pools of user registration data available today, Adelphic provides a self-service software solution for agencies, brands and other large media buyers to make meaningful engagements with consumers across all devices and formats. With a fully RTB-enabled platform, Adelphic delivers massive scale with access to leading inventory providers.

Become Adelphic Certified and expand your knowledge of what our platform has to offer via Adelphic’s Programmatic University. Our certification provides individuals the opportunity to demonstrate proficiency across a comprehensive set of tools and workflows necessary for campaign success.


We encourage all current and potential traders to earn an Adelphic certification. Here are the reasons to get certified:

  • Validate your technical expertise
  • Gain industry recognition and tout your knowledge with an Adelphic Certification badge via Credly
  • Expand your scope of practice with new tools and workflows to best optimize your ad campaigns
  • It is completely FREE!


The Adelphic Certification Program consists of multiple series that will challenge your knowledge and expertise. Each course within a series will contain a tutorial video, followed by a quiz. To be certified for a series, you will need to pass each course with a score of 80% or higher. If a course is failed, re-attempts are permitted - simply contact your Programmatic Account Strategist for help!

Series 1: Software Essentials

Learn the basics of how to plan, buy, and measure across the omnichannel, using the Adelphic software solution. This series will get new users familiar with basic navigation, the key features and functions of our software, and provide users with an understanding of the pillars on which the platform was built.

  • Adelphic Hierarchy
  • Advanced Reporting Overview
  • Dashboards
  • Forecasting
  • Intro: Identity Resolution
  • Intro: Publisher Marketplace
  • Performance Tracking
  • User Interface
Start Series 1 Module

Series 2: Core Operations

Dive deeper into the dashboards and workflows used to launch and manage campaigns with various targeting tactics.

  • Advertiser Dashboard
  • Audience Builder
  • Campaign Setup
  • Order Creation
  • Order Dashboard
  • Private Marketplace Deals
  • Targeting
Start Series 2 Module


Series 3: Advanced Optimizations

This module focuses on key workflows and software features that are integral to scaling and optimizing campaigns.

  • A/B Testing
  • Bid Multipliers
  • Deal Forecasting
  • Identity Segments
  • Identity Insights
  • Pixels
  • User Pools
Series 3 Module


Adelphic Continued Education

Power User Workflows

This series focuses on bleeding-edge features and functions of the Adelphic software. These features are go-to resources for power-users of our software, and enable users to do more with less.

  • Agency & Advertiser Defaults
  • Bulk Editing
  • Creating Lookalikes
  • Deal Grouping
  • Forecasting | Demographic
  • Forecasting | Device
  • Forecasting | Media
  • Location & Zip Code Lists
  • New Advertiser Creation
  • Report Builder
  • Site Lists
  • Spreadsheet Editor
Continued Education Module

Measurement and Advanced Reporting

This series focuses on Adelphic's innovative and proprietary advanced reporting suite. Learn how these reports can elevate your brand awareness, and focus on driving advanced outcomes and KPIs for your campaigns.

  • Consumer Sentiment
  • Conversion Lift
  • Foot Traffic Attribution
  • TV Insights
  • Visit Patterns
Continued Education Module


Credly Badge Setup

Adelphic Certification Badges are issued to those who complete the first three certification modules. Follow the steps below to ensure your Adelphic Certification badge is issued properly and visible to your peers:

  1. An email is sent following completion of the Adelphic Certification.
  2. To accept your badge, create a Credly account (if you don't already have one) and confirm your email.
  3. Once signed in, click Accept Badge. This will prompt you to adjust Badge Settings, where users may change public badge visibility and auto-accept all future badges issued by Adelphic by Viant (if desired).
  4. Once the badge has been accepted, it may be added to LinkedIn profiles by linking accounts.
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